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Get a taste of what Illuminate Leadership Academy Co-op has to offer with Mini Co-op experiences from Illuminate's national partners.

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Have you ever wanted to work with big companies like Deloitte, CPA ONTARIO, Nestle Canada, Corus Entertainment and Concentra Bank?

Do you want to solve real-world problems and experience what it’s like to work beyond the realms of the classroom?

Would you like to take your industry skills and know-how to a whole new level?

If so, you have landed on the right page.

Introducing the Illuminate Mini Co-op Program

Illuminate Leadership Academy is proud to announce our Mini Co-op program - available for all high school students who have answered “Yes” to the above questions and want to gain some practical experience this Summer 2021.

At Illuminate, we’re always working to create opportunities for students to become the next generation of business leaders by focusing on their individual needs and interests, placing YOU in the middle. We understand that finding internships or a co-op offer as a high school student is extremely challenging, so we are very excited to offer a program helping you take the first step in your professional career!

What's the difference between the regular ILA Co-op and the Mini Co-op?

Our mini co-op program is held over a shorter period of time and allows you to gain valuable professional work experience! Our regular co-op course is essentially a full-fledged version that provides more resources, more opportunities, OSSD credit(s), and more!
The mini co-op program is a great way to try out the Illuminate Leadership Academy experience.

How do I start?

The program officially begins on July 2nd, 2021 and runs until the last week of August. You will be consulting for our distinguished National Partners, solving real world issues, and receiving one-on-one mentorship from world-class leaders through the Academy's Business Leadership Program.

If you are interested in this unique opportunity to show your passion, apply your skills, and work on a stage that may have been impossible for you before, please complete this application form.

Why Learn With Illuminate?

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Industry-Leading Professionals

Illuminate Leadership Academy works alongside big industry players such as Deloitte, CPA Ontario, and Concentra Bank.

Academic Success

Our application-based learning system ensures you will get the support you need to excel and the marks you deserve with real-time case studies.

Build Your Network

Unlike a traditional classroom, we provide you the opportunity to dip your toes into the real world and meet many business professionals.

One-on-One Mentorship

Our mentors are available 12 hours a day, 7 days a week online to support your venture and development within our program.

Learning whenever you want, wherever you want.

All programs at Illuminate Leadership Academy are on a virtual learning environment. Yes - we're all online! That means that students may self-pace their daily schedule, so long as the program work is being completed.

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Terms and Conditions

1. The Mini Co-op Student agrees that he or she will not be entitled to any compensation nor pay during the duration of his or her participation in the program as it is a training and learning initiative.

2. The Mini Co-op Student understands and acknowledges that his or her employment with the Employer is not an official employment, which renders him or her a participant to the program but not an employee employed by the Employer.

3. The Mini Co-op Student acknowledges that the program marketed as a “Summer Challenge” or “mini co-op” or anything related to the aforementioned words is only for showcasing, previewing or trialing Illuminate Leadership Academy’s OSSD credit granting programs, which render the Mini Co-op/ Summer Challenge not an actual co-op course, school credit, or employment nor program that is similar to ones offered by day schools.

4. The Mini Co-op Student understands and acknowledges that the mini co-op is not an actual co-op credit but a summer education activity to learn while collaborating with the Employer’s National Partners and clients and that he or she agrees to participate in this program in a voluntarily nature.

5. The Mini Co-op Student acknowledges that she or he cannot and will not participate in the program unless parent/guardian approval or consent is expressed via a signature written in this document in the appropriate space and that the parent or guardian understands the aforementioned clauses in this section of the agreement. 

6. The Mini Co-op Student agrees not to disclose what he or she works on with our national partner during the term of his or her participation in his or her designated or involved mini co-op experience or program. 

7. The Mini Co-op Student agrees that the Employer is not and cannot be held liable for any insurance related-expenses or injuries that happen during the Mini Co-op Student’s involvement and participation in any of the Employer’s offered initiatives. 

Why Students Love Illuminate

“Working through Illuminate Leadership Academy with an industry-connected learning model, I personally felt empowered to see myself as young leader of the future, who will be ready to help tackle the many issues our society face at the digital age.”

“I had been able to explore the world of Human Capital Consulting that led me to become a better leader than I am today. Illuminate helped me grow tremendously as a leader by helping me build communication skills, self-awareness, empathy and cooperation.”

“I was able to learn about technology, innovation and human capital consulting through mentally stimulating modules. It provided me with key knowledge and information I had not yet been taught in school that is relevant to my future.”