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Illuminate Leadership Academy is looking to exclusively select prestigious youth organizations, clubs, and councils like your own to partner with.

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Illuminate is always looking for ways to widen our reach and help as many high school students reach their educational and career goals in business as possible.

If you’re currently in a youth club, council, or organization of any sort and would like to join us in our journey of advancing high school business education, we’d love to collaborate with your organization through an affiliate partnership!

Here's how it works:

📖 Teach a proprietary business leadership curriculum provided by Illuminate to your organization’s members

📖 Receive a FREE workshop valued $399CAD on topics such as consulting, entrepreneurship, and emerging technology featuring speakers from Illuminate’s industry partners
      📖The workshop will be open to all of your organization’s members and followers
      📖Your organization will be entirely responsible for promoting the workshop, planning its logistics, and ensuring engagement during the workshop

📖 Send out a promotional message provided by Illuminate to your email list informing students about our opportunities and events (if applicable)

📖 Cross-promote Illuminate and your organization on Instagram through story highlights, shoutout-for-shoutout, etc.

📖 Receive golden tickets to attend Illuminate's National High School Business Conference on May 29th for FREE (normally priced at $39 CAD per ticket) with your team of chosen 5

Interested in becoming a partner?

1) Book an in-take call HERE with our Recruitment Manager
2) Share an Illuminate Reel @illuminateuniverse on your feed ASAP (we will do the same for you!)
3) Message us on Instagram indicating interest for the Illuminate x Youth Org Pathway (if you found this program here on the website!)
4) Start gathering a group of 5 execs to attend NHBC for free

Golden ticket codes will be provided in the call and any questions you may have will be answered.


More Information:

The proprietary business leadership curriculum is a sample from that of Illuminate Leadership Academy, an inspected and registered private school offering OSSD credits.

Each team competing in the Illuminate Challenge in the Illuminate x Youth Org pathway can affiliate with as many organizations as they wish, meaning each team member might choose to affiliate with multiple, different organizations.
However, each unique organization will only receive up to one Illuminate workshop. This means that if you’re part of Organization A and someone else from Organization A on a different team is already pursuing an affiliate partnership with Illuminate, you can’t do it.

We strongly encourage you to record or otherwise document your results, as they will be required as proof of your participation and accomplishments in the challenge when you present at NHBC!

Good luck in the Illuminate Challenge!

If you have any questions regarding the Illuminate x Youth Organization pathway or the Illuminate Challenge, please email

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