Corporate School (The Consultant)

Become an analyst intern at Illuminate Universe and experience what it's like to climb the corporate ladder at prestigious global firms. You will have the opportunity to solve real industry case studies, consult for our distinguished National Partners, and receive mentorship from world-class leaders through our Business Leadership Program. ($189/ month for 10 months)

Virtual Platform
Multiple Resources
OSSD Credit
One-on-One Mentorship

About the Course

This course consists of a learning experience connected to a community and a cooperative education curriculum that incorporates relevant expectations from the student’s related course(s).  1.0-2.0 OSSD credits can be obtained from this course.

Become an intern at Illuminate Universe and move up the ranks, starting from analyst, consultant, to National Lead! Learn how to network with business partners, plan and execute projects, and help handle Illuminate activities. Students will develop skills, knowledge, and habits of mind that will support them in their learning, including their education and career/life planning, at school and beyond, today and in the future. Within the context of their experience connected to a community, students will apply, extend, and refine skills and knowledge acquired in their related course or courses and will apply skills, knowledge, and habits of mind that will protect and promote their health, safety, and well-being. They will create and implement a learning plan that meets their particular interests and needs, reflect on their learning, and make connections between their experience in the community and other aspects of their lives.

Course Information

  • Internship/ Co-op at Illuminate Universe
  • Semestered system - 20 weeks
  • A Gamified Curriculum (results oriented): come out of the program with real accomplishments and a project portfolio
  • Learn at your own pace (2 - 3 month program duration with extension possibilities)
  • 110 minimum hours or approximately 6h/week per course (as per Ontario standards)
  • 40 course modules and 5+ Industry mentor coaching calls
  • Learn by doing (through live case studies and real tasks)
  • Weekly Illuminate Teacher tutoring sessions
  • Bi-weekly industry speaker (up to 8 industry workshops)
  • Application based activities integrated throughout the curriculum
  • Monthly peer evaluation surveys for teacher to review (round table promotion simulating the real world)

Course Content

  • 1.0 or 2.0 OSSD credit value (BOH4M or COP4O)
  • Work at Illuminate as a Co-op student
  • Climb up the ranks within Illuminate
  • Network with real businesses
  • Work with other analysts, consultants, and National Leads at Illuminate
  • Please See Secondary Course Calendar for in-depth details and information (ex. example timetable, unit subtopics)


"My experience at Illuminate has been absolutely authentic. Over the past few months at the Illuminate Leadership Academy, I've had the chance to strengthen my collaboration skills alongside gaining new insight into what a workforce with diversity can look like. It has also given me the opportunity to challenge myself and think outside of the box even more."

Florence Zhao

"Many of these problem solving skills aren't taught to us by the current education system nor by our textbooks as it is assumed to be a natural skill acquired overtime. This program focuses on these types of realistic skills that aren't always given importance to, & helps us as beginners to expand & build more on it. Much of the knowledge you gain from this program can be applied to your profession in the future. This is why I encourage everyone to optimize this opportunity as is it definitely worth it."

Madhureema Balasubramani Rupa

"Working through Illuminate Leadership Academy with an industry-connected learning model, I personally felt empowered to see myself as young leader of the future, who will be ready to help tackle the many issues our society face at the digital age."

Nicole Chen