the world.

Learn the things that matter from the people who have done it. Illuminate strives to empower the next generation of business leaders through experiential learning.

Our Story

About Us

Illuminate Leadership Academy is a Canadian educator dedicated to the advancement of high school business and leadership.

Unlike other organizations solely offering case competitions or speaker events, Illuminate coordinates conferences, competitions, programs, and formal education under a multifaceted approach to deliver a comprehensive and holistic learning experience to high school students across the country with backing from our National Partners Deloitte Canada, CPA Ontario, and Concentra Bank.

Our Mission

We are fostering the next generation of business leaders who are critical thinkers, demonstrate inclusivity and aspire to make a positive impact in their communities.

Learn the things that matter, from people who have done it.

The People Behind Illuminate

These people work day in and day out to bring the best learning experience for our students.

Alina Huang

Principal, Founder

Alina Huang is the Principal of Illuminate Leadership Academy and the Founder and Enabler at Illuminate and has previously worked at IBM and Deloitte.

Richelle Nitelet

Business Leadership Teacher (OCT)

Richele Nitelet is a certified Ontario teacher and is the Director of Business Development at Illuminate Universe.

Don Coulter

Board Advisor

Don Coulter is the President and CEO of Concentra Bank, one of valued Illuminate's National Partners.

David Kerr

Board Advisor

David Kerr is a Partner in Deloitte Canada’s Technology Consulting. He has previously held leadership roles at IBM and Accenture.

Student Leadership Team

Our student leadership team play a big role at Illuminate. Do you have what it takes to help us become even better? Contact us!

Sarah Sheppard

Senior Project Manager

Sarah is a second-year concurrent music education student at Queen’s University. She found her passion for business by attending NHBC in Grade 11 and 12, placing first in Grade 11. Her role as a National Lead with Illuminate Universe focuses on strategic partnerships and project management.

Paul Skuja

Senior Project Manager

Paul is a second-year finance student at the University of Ottawa. He has been passionate about finance and business since Grade 10 which led him to participate in NHBC in Grade 11 and 12, achieving 2nd and 3rd place. Currently, he is working on strategic development within Illuminate.

Lia Pasternak

Senior Project Manager

Lia is currently finishing up her second year at McGill. She is studying the arts, majoring in psychology and doing a double minor in sociology and communications.

Jerry Wu

Strategic Analyst, Regional Lead

Jerry is a Grade 11 student at Markville Secondary School and is super passionate about the logistics aspect of business. Within Illuminate, he works on strategic development. He was also the Registration and Recruitment Director for Illuminate x Markham's student-led conference.

Laurel Dong

Technical Analyst, Regional Lead

Laurel is in Grade 11 at Markville Secondary, and is responsible for brand/content strategy as well as design for Illuminate Universe. She was also the Marketing Director of Illuminate x Markham's regional conference.

The Goals & Visions Behind
Illuminate Leadership Academy

Help you Grow

Our mission is to foster the next generation of business leaders who think critically, demonstrate inclusivity, and aspire to make a positive impact in their communities, empowering them through experiential learning, co-created with our premier business partners. 

Find Your Purpose

We help students find their purpose and passion through applying experiential learning in the real world. We teach students how to create opportunities to accelerate their career while showcasing their strengths.

Personalized Learning

We are dedicated to helping students learn what they want through understanding their interests, skills, strengths, and weaknesses. Through Illuminate coaching calls, students will be able to make their dreams into a reality.

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