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“My daughter attended Illuminate throughout her high school years. She gained strong leadership skills and was able to apply them to her workforce and extracurriculars in both high school and university. Her connections to Illuminate have opened up many doors for great opportunities such as developing her own startup business, and being a leader in orchestral ensembles. Because of Illuminate, she has the skills and drive to go on and do great things in her future.

Lisa S.


Illuminate Universe helped my son reinforce his leadership capabilities, teaching him how to build strong connections with industry professionals and like-minded individuals. The staff at Illuminate provided my son with the right resources and mentoring for him to successfully lead his very own Illuminate x Markham business conference.



Through the Illuminate Universe regional lead program, Erin has gained many new skills and experiences that will be useful in the future. As a result of the guidance provided by the national leads and Alina, she was able to receive admission acceptance to business schools such as Queen's Commerce and Western Ivey AEO. She even received a consulting internship this summer. Extremely grateful for Illuminate!

Lisa B.


Within the events from the Illuminate, I was amazed by how much my son changed to become well rounded as a leader. The mentors are exceptional. The students are professional, mature, courteous, friendly and they enjoy being a part of this exciting program. I highly recommend Illuminate to the high school students who have interests in business, entrepreneurship and innovation.



My child has gained experience and knowledge she would have never gained within the walls of a classroom - it has opened her mind and taught her valuable skills. The program has allowed her to apply her knowledge and gain practical experience. She's been able to network immensely and express her creativity freely, I really love to see her enjoy herself and accomplish great things on such a large scale with the help of an inclusive and quality environment at Illuminate Universe.



My daughter has been looking for ways to improve her leadership and communication skills. With this experience, I’ve noticed that my once shy child has started leading clubs and extra-curricular activities on her own account. I am impressed of how much her knowledge of the business world and her character has grown.



Illuminate Leadership Academy has been very valuable for my son. He is aiming to pursue a business/finance career in the corporate world, and the Academy is providing him with a lot of invaluable real-world experience and guidance. Thanks to Illuminate, my son has a head start on his career pathway.



While being part of Illuminate Universe, my son has developed a multitude of skills that he uses constantly throughout school and work. Whether it's connecting and networking with peers to leading a team or a group to planning ahead and organizing his time, Illuminate has provided a gateway for him to learn and hone these skills. I am thankful to Illuminate for providing this wonderful opportunity.



Illuminate has given my daughter an amazing opportunity to gain valuable industry knowledge and experience in the business world. Her leadership and business skills have improved drastically. Thanks to Illuminate, my daughter has confidence to get into her dream business school and to succeed in her career.



My daughter enjoyed the  program throughout the past few months, and she was even able to land a consulting internship after Alina mentored her! I am thoroughly impressed with the organizers, and I would definitely recommend Illuminate Universe to all students.



Illuminate allowed Paul to experience a real life business experience by working on projects that were actually implemented and produced results. Even though he had only been working with Illuminate for several weeks, he was able to land a summer job with the federal government due to his experience of working in a team with Illuminate. Illuminate has been one of the best professional experiences for Paul so far in his career.



Here's What Students Have to Say.

Tiffany T.

"Illuminate gave me a fantastic experience that I will cherish throughout my career. The competition emphasized the importance of diversity to me, and how the inclusivity of everyone's creative solutions drives success. I was forced to step out of my comfort zone, and leverage my weaknesses, thus helping me grow as a leader."

Nicole C.

“Working through Illuminate Leadership Academy with an industry-connected learning model, I personally felt empowered to see myself as young leader of the future, who will be ready to help tackle the many issues our society face at the digital age. I would definitely encourage any aspiring students look for growth opportunities to consider Illuminate as one of your go-to resources!”

Nicole S.

“The program gave me the opportunity to collaborate with like minded youth across Canada. I was able to learn about technology, innovation and human capital consulting through mentally stimulating modules. It provided me with key knowledge and information I had not yet been taught in school that is relevant to my future. ”

Florence Z.

"My experience has been absolutely authentic. I've had the chance to strengthen my collaboration skills alongside gaining new insight into what a workforce with diversity can look like. It has also given me the opportunity to challenge myself and think outside of the box even more."

Jack L.

"I had been able to explore the world of Human Capital Consulting that led me to become a better leader than I am today. Illuminate helped me grow tremendously as a leader by helping me build communication skills, self-awareness, empathy and cooperation."

Madhureema B. R.

"This program provided a unique opportunity to dive into real-world challenges head-on, which served as a major highlight in the program. Brainstorming and formulating wise decisions from the shoes of a consultant or business analyst, certainly helped me grow as a leader."

Tanisha N.

"By getting to work in a team, I enhanced my collaboration, communication, and conflict-management skills; and by working independently, I improved my organizational skills and ability to think creatively and innovatively."

Thomas Z.

"Illuminate Leadership Academy was an eye-opener into the world of business. Illuminate helped me grow as a leader because during the teamwork, my team and I were able to discuss and come up with great ideas. Teamwork makes the dream work!"

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