About Me

Hello, my name is Richelle Nitelet! I am a Western University (UWO) graduate with my B.A. and B.Ed. After graduation, an exciting opportunity arose for me to work at Hershey Canada. I spent four years working for this sweet company. Although I began with no formal business education, over the four years I spent at Hershey I became an expert in consumer packaged goods. I developed my business repertoire and demonstrated people management skills. I believe I also personally consumed more Hershey products than I sold! This year, I pivoted back into education where I am currently working as a teacher in Toronto, Ontario. The energy the students bring everyday makes me love the job I am doing. I am very excited to work and connect with all of you!


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With our Foundations and Accelerate paths of the entrepreneurship program, you’ll receive guidance that fits your entrepreneurial experience. If you have zero experience with building a startup, not to worry: Foundations is perfect for you and will teach you all the essential skills and knowledge to create a successful startup. The Accelerate path will guide you through how to scale your startup to drive and maintain growth. ($189/ month for 10 months)

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